March 14, 2018

Founder of Organization for Asian Women Called Out for ‘Anti-Asian Male’ Tweets

A founder of a new organization that aims to empower Asian women was called out for past tweets that were called “racist” against Asian males by some.

Cassandra Lam co-founded The Cosmos, a community that connects “self-identifying women, femmes, gender nonconforming, queer and transgender individuals of Asian, Pacific Islander and South Asian descent” and supports them through transformational leadership retreats, workshops and events.

Cassandra Lam and Karen Mok

Lam, with co-founder Karen Mok, launched the organization on March 8 in time for International Women’s Day — but only to be criticized days later for posting anti-Asian male tweets from five years ago.

“One of the founders of @jointhecosmos is an anti-Asian male racist! WHAT A SURPRISE,” Twitter user Albert Hur wrote in reaction to an article from AsAm News.

Image via Twitter / @AlbertHur888

“F*** this organization and f*** @AsAmNews for promoting it. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, STOP PROMOTING RACISTS,” Hur added.

Image via Twitter / @AlbertHur888

Apparently, Hur uncovered Lam’s old tweets while expressing his disappointment over the founders’ confession “to ‘distancing’ themselves from Asian identity and blaming parents for their problems, rather than host society discrimination.”

The enraged netizen is now demanding an explanation:

Shortly after being called out, Lam responded in defense and argued that she now knows better.

Lam told one user:

“Those tweets are five years old and don’t reflect my current values or perspective towards Asian men. I was naive and wrong to say those things at 22 years old. I have learned a lot these past few years and vow to keep learning.”

Lam also stated she plans making a statement to address the matter:

Others weighed in:

NextShark reached out to the Cosmos last week for comment. The organization has yet to reply.

However, it’s important to note that dated tweets should not be misconstrued to diminish the overall and meaningful strides for Asian women that the founding of the The Cosmos symbolizes. The organization remains a promising, forward-thinking organization that provides a generous space for AAPI women to connect, engage in dialogue and empower each other.

For more information about The Cosmos, head over here.

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